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Will & Trust

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After devoting many years providing mobile notary services in San Bernardino we have gained vast experience in working with Will & Trust documents. Years invested at the signing table have made our mobile notary services efficient, precise and streamlined. Our thousands of happy customers can testify to the accuracy and quality of our work. If you are looking for a notary that you feel confident can coordinate and handle your documents with care, please consider contacting us

We can notarize your trust.

A Trust is a legally binding agreement in which Party A assigns Party B (a Trustee) to hold and administer assets on behalf of the beneficiary as beneficiaries of the trust.

Working directly with your or your attorney, we can be the notary for your trust agreement, living trust, or any other trust documents.

A living trust is a legal document that can partly substitute for a will. When you write a living trust, your stocks, bank account, home, and other assets all put in the trust. These will be administered by an appointed trustee and upon your death they will be transferred to your beneficiaries.

Bridge trusts, asset protection trusts, charitable trusts, tax bypass trusts, special needs trusts, totten trusts, are just some examples of other trust documents that often require the services of a mobile notary

Some estate planning documents also need to be notarized

Your estate is the sum of everything you own, everybody has an estate of some description, because of this an estate plan is important.

Your estate plan should be discussed with your attorney in advance. Typically this entails laying out any decisions that apply for your property, finances, your care upon disability, yourself and many other aspects of your life before and after your death. Estate plans are becoming a far more common practice, any plan but you make should be notarized, to indicate that it has been legally witnessed.

Here is a list of documents that need to be notarized.

The “trust” itself

The “Certification of Trust” is a document designed to provide essential information about your trust. It’s provided to I require third parties such as Banks, Scrolls and brokerages but it lacks many of the specifics of the trust itself.

“Durable power of Attorney”, this document is the Zion tonight on your behalf in all financial matters in the event that you become incapacitated these usually include I need real estate, banking or business matters, these will be laid out in the document.

“Declaration of trust” is needed in order to legally establish a trust.

It is becoming more and more common to include an “Advance Healthcare Directive”. These documents are designed to outline a person’s health care wishes upon loss of capacity as well as concerning end-of-life decisions.

Other documents such as a “Grant deed to a revocable trust”, a”Disclosure of personal property”“a HIPAA waiver” or “Disclosure of protected health information” documents should also be notarized.

If you are in need of the services of a mobile notary in San Bernardino, please do not hesitate to contact us today. All conversations are conducted with the utmost of discretion.

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