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Loan Signing Agent

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Signing loan documents can often be a very time consuming and overwhelming process for the signee. After spending hours, days and in some cases week trying to close a loan, all that is left to do is deal with the signing of the loan papers. The last thing you want is a client become disheartened or frustrated by the experience as they are forced to wait. While many aspects of the process of loan document signing are outside of your control, one thing you can control is having a loan document signing agent on hand to save your client’s time.

Employing the services of our trusted loan signing agent can prove to be an essential time-saver. This is especially true when you employ the services of a mobile notary. The presence of our professionals to verify and bear witness to the beginning of a loan, is the best possible way to protect the interests of both parties. A San Bernardino document signing agent might be required for different types of loans such as:

  • Student loans
  • Debt consolidation
  • Auto loans
  • Mortgages
  • Small business loans
  • Personal loans
  • And more

When is comes to closing a loan, time is always of essence; it is all too common for clients to have doubts. To become discouraged and have second thoughts especially if the process seems to take too long. Deals are often postponed just before the paperwork signing process. In a perfect world all lenders would like to have a professional loan signing agent on-site, but this is an unrealistic expectation, salary expectations alone would simply be too high.

After amassing many years of experience in the industry, many of our clients expressed their frustration at the challenges they faced to finding professional loan signers outside of office hours.

An independent loan signing agent must remain an impartial party to any and all transactions, and must always adhere to the notary laws of the state. Finding a qualified and licensed one who is willing to work outside of office hours in the San Bernardino area used to prove very difficult. Thankfully this is no longer true. Make sure to call us today.

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