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Top Benefits of Hiring a Notary

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A notary public (or simply notary), is a person authorized to perform various legal affairs, particularly, witnessing the signing of documents. They are also legally authorized to stamp documents, so they are legally valid. Hiring a reputable notary public is, therefore, one of the simplest ways to validate your legal documents. Read through to find out some surprising benefits of hiring a notary. Our mobile notary service in San Bernardino is affordable.

Stationary and Mobile Notaries

There are two major categories of notary publics: stationary and mobile. The former work out of an office or their home, and clients come to them for notarization. The latter, on the other hand, go to the client’s location. This is perhaps the best perk of hiring a mobile notary. They will reach you wherever you are and promptly offer their notarization services.

Whether or not you are a business, the need for notarization may arise anywhere, and when you least expect it. Below, we list some of the benefits of hiring a notary.

Seven Benefits of Hiring a Notary

1. Entering Contracts Becomes Easier

When you hire a contract notary public, you can enter contracts with a lot more ease since their presence and stamp clarify any possible doubts the other party may be having. You see, the role of a public notary doesn’t end with just stamping documents; they act as valuable witnesses when legal documents are signed in their presence. The fact that they are legally authorized to witness signatures on various documents makes contract transactions foolproof.

Note, however, that a notary public only sees to it that the signatures on documents are authentic. They are, therefore, not accountable for the authenticity of the contents of the legal documents. They also cannot prepare or help in the preparation of the contract documents, as that’s the job of your attorney.

2. Prevents Fraudulent Activities

As pointed out earlier, hiring a notary is the surefire way of validating your documents and, therefore, preventing fraudulent activities. The main job of the notary is to ensure that only the right persons sign documents. If it is a contract, for instance, the contract notary ensures that the persons signing the documents are, in fact, the same persons whose names appear on the contract documents.

Notaries are also specially trained to detect discrepancies in legal documents; discrepancies that may easily escape your eye. Plus, they don’t just witness, sign, and stamp. They go through the documents to make sure they are original, ask parties involved for the requisite IDs, and ask various questions to determine the intentions and identity of the parties.

3. Convenience: Notaries are Easily Available

There are more than 5 million public notaries in the US, so you should not have a difficult time finding one in your city or even a suburban area. And while stationary notaries have for long been the conventional ones, today, you don’t need to go anywhere with your important documents for notarization. A mobile notary will come right to your living room to perform his notarial acts. Whichever location you prefer, they will come. Yes, you will incur extra charges, but it will be worthwhile considering the immense amount of hassle and time you save.

4. Flexibility of Time

Mobile notaries are incredibly flexible. Need a notary at 5 am or 11 pm? Pick your phone and call one, and they will be at your service as soon as they can. Don’t have any contacts? A quick Internet search or on your local phonebook will give you a list of commissioned notary publics in your area. Whether you are looking for a real estate notary service, wedding notary services, or just general notary services, you are sure to find the right person for the job at any time.

5. One-Stop Solution

Whether you choose a stationary or San Bernardino mobile notary, they are sure to solve all your notarization needs. A public notary is authorized to witness the signing of all types of documents, so you only need to hire one, and all your notarization problems are solved. Notaries also offer clients options for ancillary, fingerprints, and apostille tasks.

The fact that you can get all your notarization needs solved under one roof makes your processes run more smoothly. If, for instance, you are entering a contract that requires a lot of signing from multiple individuals, you can all meet at one location and get a mobile notary to come to you and have all the signatures required. This way, the process becomes simpler, and you save a lot of time.

6. You Get Privacy

Sometimes you need documents signed in secrecy. A mobile notary will come in handy. They will come to your location at whatever time you want and get the job done.

7. Notaries are Reliable

Notarized documents are legally binding. This fact alone means that a professional notary will see to it that their work has no glitch. As mentioned earlier, a notary will be accountable for the signatures appended on a document, so they are going to make sure that they do a good job. They will easily detect discrepancies in documents and notice scams, if any, and raise the red flag.

There are many other benefits of hiring a notary, which include;

  • With a San Bernardino mobile notary, you need not worry about when their office or shop opens or closes
  • You can have documents notarized even when you are away from home, for instance, when traveling
  • A wedding notary is not only capable of marrying you and your partner but is also able to give you legal information and advice about your marriage if you request
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